Although not as well known as global technology brands, the ITU is an important organization in the mobile communications sector

The interaction between the International Telecommunication Union and the United Nations

The roles of the divisions of the International Telegraph Union

The formation of the first electrical and electonic communication standards organization

Why Wave in a Box would be suitable for an organization's communications

A rough guide on how to install Wave in a Box

The Wave project was taken over by The Apache Foundation

Why the service was discontinued

Google's service was meant to be the next increment in web-based text communication

The latest in text messaging concept is not widespread in use as tradional instant messaging or email

A popular graphically and feature rich program

The latest version of the desktop OS with the biggest market share

Ensuring that the final software system has met the requirements and specifications is a distinct process

Although not as feature packed as productivity suites, text editors are a vital instrument to many

What to consider when developing moblke applications as an enterprise

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