OpenStack has fulfilled a few big  missions this week when it added IBM and Red Hat to its list of corporate backers.  As it was reported last week, the two tech giants will join the blossoming OpenStack Foundation as fully fledged Platinum members along with companies such as Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Canonical, Nebula, Rackspace, and Suse.

The experts down at DisplayMate have all the measurements and calculations to back these claims: 
“… the new iPad’s picture quality, color accuracy, and gray scale are not only much better than any other Tablet or Smartphone, it’s also much better than most HDTVs, laptops, and monitors. In fact with some minor calibration tweaks the new iPad would qualify as a studio reference monitor.”

What had Microsoft originally embarked on?
Gates and Allen form a partnership called Microsoft way back in 1975 and like many other startups, Microsoft began really small but had  massive mission to accomplish – they wanted to place a computer in every household and on every desktop. 

FreedomPop, the new mobile ISP, plans to take its freeware- or “freemium” business model which has insofar been an extremely popular for Web services, and apply it to mobile broadband access, , giving away access toClearwire’s WiMAX and future LTE networks to most customers at no charge.If FreedomPop can manage to get the calculations correct, it has huge potential to shake up the U.S. wireless market by extending mobile data services to the masses.

When the iPad was first launched, it was taken as such an innovative, cool and sleek device that it was borderline intimidating! Common questions when first hearing about it or seeing it were along the lines of 

We already know what a farmer is, and when we hear the word farmer we think of hard and steady work. When a farmer plants a seed, he chooses the best place to plant it, waters it and takes care of it without any returns up until the harvest. And then he reaps what he sows.

Articles that have recurrent words in them are now always detected by search engines and are never seen as informative articles by them, and lose worth all together.
So how can we be successful by implementing the ‘Article Marketing’ method? First of all we need to stay away from using the Back Hat method, as in get rid of the bombardment of keywords that are of the same color as the page and to refrain from using our articles as ways of repeating keywords and meaningless sentences.

This interesting object that contains Steve Jobs’ used mouse has lost for 29 years.

A Confession  About Nexus 7 From Google An important confession has come from Google :“ We accept, we are too late about it

A starter project I found on Kickstarter aims to bring a new smart-watch to the market blew through its $100,000 funding goal in its first day! And two hours later it crossed the $200,000 mark so as a result, the Pebble E-Paper Watch should be coming to market within a few months with an estimate retail price of just over $150.Smartwatches aren’t a new concept, but what’s unique about the Pebble is that it is cross-platform, meaning it works with both Android devices and the iPhone, a little bit of advancement in adoption of the up and coming platform we see.

The Google Nexus tablet that has been the subject of many a rumor lately has taken one step closer to becoming reality this week. A Wall Street Journal report confirmed Google’s plans. The idea is that Google needs to draw back the attention of customers for a second round; it strived to do this in 2010 with the Nexus One, the only problem was that the concept didn’t change the way consumers percieve and consume phones as Google had hoped. 

I love how when I’m sitting at the office beside my female coworkers, doing the same job and the same things and just thinking of how different their browser histories would be compared to mine. I came across some info that might enhance my abundantly redundant thoughts; apparently gents love Google , while women are really into Pinterest.

You’re never too old to stop learning, or so the saying goes and that’s the notion that Apple’s iTunes U app enhances by ensuring that you’re never too far from high quality learning material. The app presents you free, complete courses from such educational establishments as Stanford, Yale, MIT and much more. There are over 500,000 lectures, books and videos so I say it’s time to buckle down and process some of that sweet, sweet data!

Like your own personal pocket auntie, this app matches you up with nice men and women in the area. Its “Locals” feature locates other OkCupid users near you and lets you message them in case you’re in the mood for some romance and want to connect. The ability to include photos directly from your phone to your profile is also included. Everything they have on the website is featured here in this cool little app as well such as viewing visitors to your profile or rating profiles.

Using the LogMeIn app, you can control your desktop computer right from your iPhone. You don’t get even a fair share of the same full desktop experience, of course, but the app is great when you realize you’ve forgotten something important. The free version offers remote access to your PC or Mac and the ability to run programs and if you decide to upgrade to the $40 “Pro” version grants you access to file transfers, HD video streaming and robust photo management.

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