When you’re at work the next time and someone sends you an interesting but lengthy article on the Internet, don’t just store it for later. Install the Instapaper bookmarklet on your desktop browser, and when you open the Instapaper app on your iPhone, the article will be there waiting, in an easy-to-read format, making you actually read said article. The $5 asking price is worth the productivity gained.

If you’ve ever been stuck somewhere, the combination of an $8-per-month Netflix streaming subscription and the company’s free iPhone app is worth its weight in gold. Movies and TV shows stream pretty good even over a 3G connection, and you can add content to your Instant Queue for quick playback when you get home. Best of all, if you’re watching something on Netflix through your TV or computer, the iPhone app will pick up right where you stopped the flick.

If you’ve had a music library that’s been getting bigger and bigger over the years and you don’t want to bother with turning shuffle on and off on your iPhone, consider using gMusic (Google Music) instead. The service, which is free, holds up to 20,000 songs that can be streamed from computers, phones and tablets. Google hasn’t released an official just yet but the third-part...

If you’re like me and you enjoy running outdoors during the warmer months, keeping trakck of your daily run can become a hassle if you are constantly in search of new routes. I discovered MapMyRUN, the website, a few years back and used it the manual way to plot distances with its GoogleMaps overlay. That is of course until I discovered the iPhone version. 

This app that has been popular on the iPad for quite some time now has finally made its way to the iPhone. Flipboard, the smartphone sized app, mimics the iPad version’s interface – pulling in updates from all of your social media accounts, RSS feeds and content that has been written by the Flipboard staff itself. It presents all of these in a sleek package of stories that can be navigate so simply with a flick of the thumb.

Last year I bought my first ever diesel car. That was when diesel prices were through the roof. When I discovered that inner-city gas stations were selling for as low as $3.50 I decided to fill-up strategically. Using crowd-sourced updates, GasBuddy allows you to find out about...

If you’ve never played it before, trust me when I say you’ve been in close proximity to someone who has been playing it- whether or not you’ve been aware of it. Simply out of sheer principle, you need to have this game, it’s the most popular game in the history of the universe! 

In the “standard features” section, the Vita includes both front and rear facing VGA (640 x 480) cameras, stereo speakers, a microphone, a d-pad and four PS-style face buttons, Sony’s classic PlayStation button, “start,” “select” and volume buttons (no rocker here how refreshing)

There is just a bit to go for Sony’s U.S. PlayStation Vita launch, so now is a good time to tell you what it is, give it a review, tell you how it works, what it will cost, what it has packed under its case and what you’ll probably have to buy off the menu. 

With 200,000 apps (even more at the time you’re reading this) the landscape for software for Apple’s hand-held range is creative, exciting and progressive. Just a few years ago, the capabilities and software-hardware integration of the most amazing applications that...

You have designed and published your website; you have developed a great product or have acquired the selling rights of an already great product, prepared a perfect sale page, all your links work. In short everything is perfect, but you aren’t selling! Why? Because no one knows you’re there.

Using the Affiliate Marketing Strategy effectively will have you earning satisfactory amounts of money. But unfortunately, in Turkey, people make mistakes when applying this strategy to their businesses which amount to failures. The main cause of this is that these people don’t know the difference between making the sale and marketing the product

Nobody has looked at this war that is between Android and IOS that way.

Security software company McAfee's antivirus software released an update on Friday, consumer and Enterprise versions of the disabled, affecting security.

There is still a few months to go for the Windows 8 commercial launch, but there’s a significant challenge that Microsoft will initially face when it comes to attracting developers of popular tablet apps to its platform: Attracting them and bringing them to the platform.

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