It sounds mundane that Google-branded streaming hardware is to go anywhere; Google figuring out how to organize music as well as it organizes the web, e-mail and geography has more potential. We may have a huge stack of apps to trawl through (a discombobulating amount), services and technologies to help us do that–from iTunes to Spotify to Airplay to Pandora–but it’s not unthinkable that Google could come up with something that’s both new and transcendently wonderful.

Amir Efrati and Ethan Smith, of the Walla Street Journal, are reporting that Google is working on a new system that is designed to stream music – and, eventually maybe even videos and other media – around specific areas like homes and offices. Their story doesn’t have much in the way of detail, but does say that Google’s brainchild might be akin to a lower-cost version of Sonos’s excellent-but-pricey music-streaming products. 

Since I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 5 last November, I honestly have not seen a single app crash on my iPhone. But there is a new study from app-monitoring company Crittercism that shows they have found that apps running on Apple’s latest mobile platform for iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch media players, crash more often or are more prone to do so, when compared to Google’s Android.

This may be unsettling for iOS users but there is no surprise given since iOS 5 has just been released recently and there are so many apps that developers have to update. But when you look at the data obtained by Crittercism which covers crashes across all versions and platforms you will see that iOS still leads by miles. iOS accounts for three-quarters of application-launch crashes overall

To put it shortly, it is a mobile OS made for mobile devices. This will increase in significance in the near future as mobile computing becomes the dominant activity for many computer users, if not most, and Windows is currently leveling out and...

The fact that netbooks aren’t distinct from everything we already know is where the iPad plays its double aces, it differs from all of the above in a number of important ways. First of all the form factor is so ‘new’. It is not built to be a smaller Macbook, or even a variation of it, hell it doesn’t resemble any sort of laptop at all in its design. This makes a huge difference in how users physically utilize the device, since its design is fashioned to make people hold it close to them, rather than use it at arms length on a desk or their lap. In this way, the device becomes more an extension of the user, rather than the user-companion relationship we’ve gotten used to over the years. 

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